Reflections & Retrospections

My next big project is Charlottesville Music: Reflections & Retrospections and it is going to be a gallery exhibit and book featuring over 100 local musician portraits all shot between August 2017 and June 2018.

Reflections & Retrospections is a photography project of the present rooted in the past documenting five decades of Charlottesville musicians in their creative spaces. The portraits were created to offer a behind the curtains look at the musicians in their own comfortable confines and collected to celebrate them and the Charlottesville music scene they nurtured. To supplement the photographs I decided to compile a oral history based on interviews with some of the musicians as well as non-musicians with intimate knowledge of local music and its impact on the Charlottesville community. This oral history makes no claims to being comprehensive, definitive or chronologically accurate.

The gallery exhibit will be First Fridays, July 6, 2018 at Studio IX. The book release is TBA but no later than Thanksgiving weekend 2018.


Chamomile & Whiskey

The folks at PopMatters debuted the Chamomile & Whiskey video I shot with the band one evening in September. Simple concept, simple execution. One camera, one truck, a few dogs and a bunch of friends doing what they typically do most any given Saturday evening in Nelson County.