The Puppies and the Sword

The third installment in our “The _______ and the Sword” collaboration with the beautiful Opal Lechmanski finds her fending off a pack of wild dogs. You know what comes next. Shot in the performance space at IX Art Park with Brian Wimer.


Wussy – She’s Killed Hundreds

My new Wussy video shot with Brian Wimer debuted on Friday via the A.V. Club and it was quickly picked up by Paste Magazine as well. The video was shot in December in Croaker, Virginia near Williamsburg. Smithsonian Magazine recently ran an interesting feature article on the secret location. Here is our “cast and crew” photo and the video follows below:


Lifter Puller

I shot this video with Steve Barone using his old Super 8mm movie camera. It features clips of the band’s reunion show at the D4th of July celebration outside of the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis on July 4, 2015 as well as the only practice session for the show the day before. As Steve stated, “Lifter Puller does not advocate using Super 8 for anything because it is expensive as fuck to get it processed. Use Instagram.”