Slumber Party Massacre II

This is a photo series I shot as an homage to the “Slumber Party Massacre” horror movie trilogy (or was it four flicks? Five?). To view my original “Slumber Party Massacre” photo series, check out the links at the bottom of the page. This set is inspired by the second release of the thrillers and like any good sequel, it features less plot, more nudity and more gore. Co-directed by Mariah Johnson who also did the make-up, blood and guts! Custom guitar by Tinkersmiths.

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SPM Storyline-1

SPM Storyline-2

SPM Storyline Revised Phone Call-4

SPM Storyline-6

SPM2 Revised Pizza Guy-1

SPM2 Revised Pizza Guy-2

SPM Storyline-10

SPM Storyline-12

SPM Storyline-13

SPM Storyline-14

SPM Storyline-16

SPM Storyline-17

SPM Storyline-20

SPM Storyline-19

SPM Storyline-9

SPM Storyline-22

SPM Storyline-24

SPM Storyline-26

SPM Storyline-28

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