Lauren Hoffman

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Last night I shot phase one of a video for a song on Lauren Hoffman’s new album to be released in early 2015. The song is called “Dragon” and yes, there will be fire as well as some other sexy surprises. Here is a quick shot of the band in front of the set we built for the shoot at IX Art Park.
Lauren Hoffman Band-1

Trix at IX Portraits

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I did 10 portraits as promo pieces for the Trix at iX Halloween concert. The set of photos can be viewed in this Flickr album.

Chamomile Masked-3

Old 97’s

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Of all the musicians I have met and shot over the last couple years, right at the top of the “nice guys” list is Rhett Miller of the Old 97’s. Here is a set of 25 photos from last night’s show at the Jefferson Theater with my good buddy Sally Rose opening :: :: Old 97’s and Sally Rose Band ::

Old 97's & Sally Rose Band-26


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I took a few photos of Opal’s new sword swallowing stunt (swallowing the sword and then bending over at the waist). The full set of the beautiful and talented Opal can be found by clicking on this link for the Flickr album.

Opal at IX Art Park-14

The Replacements

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Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be granted permission to shoot the The Replacements / Hold Steady / Deer Tick show in New York City at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium. Although I got some good close-up shots from inside the security barrier at the front of the stage, the photo below is one of my favorites from the night just because of the sheer scale of it. The entire set of 33 photos can be found by clicking on my Flickr link.

The Replacements - Forest Hills NYC-32

Tim Barry

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I spent yesterday in Richmond shooting some promo shots for Tim Barry and his upcoming tour and new record. Here is an outtake from the afternoon taken in the shed where the album was written and recorded over the winter months:

Tim Barry - Outtakes-4


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It was a pleasure to see, meet and quickly get a shot of Death after their opening set before The Hold Steady in Richmond VA on September 5, 2014. Here is the link to the whole set of 24 photos from the day.

Death By Rich Tarbell-1


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